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You helped us donate over 5,000 masks to the children’s hospital in Los Angeles!

October 13, 2020

Words are not enough to describe all the feelings and happenings of 2020.

As you know many small businesses have been suffering due to the pandemic and we are no exception. What people sometimes forget is that behind those “business” there are mothers, fathers, people who give their best every day to leave something positive in this world. While struggling to find a solution, we decided to start making masks, all individually stitched and handmade one-by-one.  This inspired our team giving us hope and meaning to the work we started doing.

Because of your support purchasing these masks, it helped our team survive and stay in business. Now that we are up and fully returning to our normal schedule, we wanted to give back to our community.




We donated approximately over 5,000 masks to the USC hospital and the Children’s hospital of Los Angeles! So we just wanted to take a moment to thank you! For supporting our team and making this happen!