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How to prepare your retail business for the 2018 Holiday Season

October 5, 2018

It may sound premature, but for your retail business, there is no such thing as too early when it comes to getting ready for the Holiday Season! If you want to be prepared for the biggest shopping weeks of the year you need to start getting organized now!

We have 5 Holiday Tasks you can put in practice and make things easier.



– Start now.

The holiday season is an important time for every business. And October is the perfect month to start getting things organized, start brainstorming how you visualize your Holiday Collection and your Sales. Stock before everyone!



– Choose your dates wisely.

Decide which Shopping dates you want to participate in. Focus on 2 or 3 dates. That way you won’t get overwhelmed or burned out. We recommend you focus on the major Holidays; Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.



– Create some new content.

Plan a Holiday Campaign in advance; start looking for your favorite styles, what colors you want to use for your ads, photos or lookbook. Deciding what kind of vibe to bring to your Campaign can be confusing, think about hiring extra help to take care of your marketing or even for customer support.



– Get Organized.

Be sure to have clear which day you want your sale to begin and end, and let your customers know; you can use social media or send some good looking newsletters. Updating your website regularly is key. Display your stock availability, upload blog posts or Holiday inspiration.



– Promote your Offers.

Take advantage of the social media era and get to places you never imagined. Target your audience and create Google Ads, Facebook Ads and promote on Instagram. Read our Blog Post on “How to Increase your Sales: 6 Social Media Tips for Retailers”

The Holiday Season is a big deal for your retail, we want you to enjoy the journey. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your strategies. Monitor your results and in the end, analyze what worked with your audience and what are your new challenges for next year!

Our Holiday Collection is ready to fill you with inspiration and beautiful Holiday styles that can ease your organization. Visit our Shop and don’t forget to use our hashtag #forecollection.

Let the Jolly Season Begin!