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July 3, 2019

Ever wondered what it’s like to create an entire collection of clothing? Well, you’re totally in for a treat because we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at what an average day in the Fore Collection design studio is like. It’s the perfect time to show you guys the details of what goes into designing and producing an entire collection because we’re literally in the middle of that right now! We’re wrapping up the last final touches to the upcoming collection, and it’s definitely one for the books. Get excited because this collection is so good.


Get Inspo




The first thing we like to do before anything is to get inspo! We study trend reports, color schemes, and go through hundreds of magazines to get bits of pieces of inspiration to create Fore Collection’s new collections. This step is one of the most exciting parts of the design process. It’s when we get butterflies before actually creating the grand collection for that season.


Plan it out



After brain-storming ideas and finalizing the picture of the collection to come, we start planning each look out on paper. We go through tons of designs and “what if’s” before our Creative Director and team help make the cuts. Only the best of the bests make the cut, which is why you now know you’re only getting the absolute top styles. Our designers take their time to sketch out every single detail so that our production team won’t have a problem with measurements or sizes.


Finalize the Designs



Once the samples are made, we go in and make sure the fitting is on point. We try fitting after fitting and make sure all is perfection before it goes into production. We finalize the measurements and send them in to be made, which is when the waiting game begins.


You’ve Got Yourself a Collection



Voila! After months of preparation, we get to finally see all of the pieces that’s made hundreds of cuts and journeyed its way to “the rack”. It’s the rack which holds our final collection for that season! It’s such a long an tedious process, but it’s all so worth it. We perfect each piece so that each of our clothings have no flaw.

We hope you enjoyed our little expedition through the Fore Collection Design Studio. Please stay tuned for our newest collection, coming soon! Also, we will be at MAGIC next month with our collection. Hope to see you there: e-mail with booth number coming real soon!