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Best Summer Fabric: Linen

March 10, 2020

Hey there, shoppers! Last month was crazy; we attended several trade shows: WWD Magic, Atlanta Apparel & FAME. Where we had a blast getting to know old and new customers, it is always so pleasant to get in touch and connect with people who love and appreciate style as much as we do.

During these days, we were able to discover which styles, fabrics, and trends were the customer’s favorites. And as you know, we don’t like selfishness, so we can’t wait to share with you our TOP seller fabric for the warm days ahead: Linen!

We were not surprised since the words “summer + linen” blend so well together.

Need more reasons to shop linen styles for your next collection?

It has so many pros that we can list:

  • It is a lightweight and breathable fabric.
  • Durable; almost lifetime warranty.
  • Machine Washable.
  • The more you wear it, the softer it gets.
  • It will make you look stylish while you feel super comfortable.
  • Fits every body shape.

We love this fabric, and we know your customers will too. Feel free to get some inspiration below, and don’t forget to click on your favorite Fore Collection linen styles to shop for your store.


Via Fashion Jackson


Via Vogue


Via Paola Alberdi


Via Janesher


Shop these for your store:


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Fore Collection


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