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3 Secrets to Visual Merchandising, and why it’ll make or break your business

December 21, 2018

As 2018 is coming to an end, it’s important for all businesses to start the new year with a fresh mindset to bring forth new opportunities in order to grow your business. One of the most important aspects of a business that’s too often overlooked is the visuals. It’s a marketing tool that does the job for you, if done correctly. We put together a few secrets of the visual world down below for you. Try these out in the new year and watch your business grow rapidly.


1. Style and Outfit for Product Grouping  

This tip is so easy that it’s better not to over think it. It’s simple: style an outfit head to toe including the main piece that you want to sell and group them all together. Consumers are more likely to purchase the stylized items together when this is done correctly, which already boosts your UPT. This can be done both online and in a brick and mortar. For an example: a great way to do this is to utilize hangers and wires to create a sample outfit in front of the hanging clothes.



2. Always Stay Current

There’s nothing worse than walking into a store with Christmas decorations still up in March. It is so important to plan ahead and go with the themes of seasons and holidays before anyone else does. Be the first to add the seasonal decors to your store before anyone else on your block. Staying current with your visuals and decor will make your store feel refreshing and new every time a consumer walks in, even if your clothes are from last season.



3. Engage with the Consumer’s Senses

This third and last tip to visually spruce up your store this new year is so important to grow your business. When we think visuals, we only take what we see with our eyes into consideration. What you didn’t know is that in Visuals, it’s all of our senses that play a huge part for it to be successful.

Hearing: The music you play in store should tie in with the theme of what you’re selling. If you’re brand is bohemian, you would play a folk music playlist, if you’re brand is young, you would be playing the top hits. It’s something so important but often overlooked.

Smell: Bet you didn’t know that smell is the strongest association to memory and connects with shoppers on an emotional level. It simply puts them in the right mindset when they walk into your store and get their first whiff of that candle or incense your burning. Again, this should all tie in with your brand’s image and what you’re selling.

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